The Zookeeper’s Wife Now Playing at Elwood Cinemas!

The Zookeeper’s Wife Now Playing at Elwood Cinemas!

The Zookeeper’s Wife is Rated PG-13, and stars Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh and Daniel Brühl.

Scion Films, Czech Anglo Productions, LD Entertainment, Focus Features and director Niki Caro present the war drama The Zookeeper’s Wife, based on the astounding non-fiction book of the same name, by Diane Ackerman, recounting the rescue of Jews following the Nazi invasion of Poland during World War II.

Dr. Jan ?abi?ski, played by Johan Heldenbergh, and his wife, Antonina, played by Jessica Chastain, are the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, which was known far and wide as one of the largest and best curated zoos in 1930’s Europe.  They live an amazing life, filled with exotic animals, with crowds lined up well before the gates open in the morning to see the unique exhibits.

Their zoo draws the attention and envy of Dr. Lutz Heck, played by Daniel Brühl, the dark and twisted head of the Berlin Zoo also known as Hitler’s Zoologist, and they must endure his scornful and jealous attacks.

As Hitler ascends in power and advances across Europe, Jews are targeted with violence and eventually forced to live exclusively in the city ghetto.  When Poland is ultimately invaded, the zoo is permanently closed, but Jan and Antonina figure out a convoluted way to hide and eventually spirit Jews to freedom.  Can two ordinary heroes,  who have spent most of their lives dedicated to preserving the existence of wild animal species, truly make a difference in a world gone mad?

For more information on The Zookeeper’s Wife, and to view the trailer, please visit the Official The Zookeeper’s Wife Movie Website.  We hope to see you at the movies really soon!




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