Tasty New Hot Treats Available at Elwood Cinemas!


Tasty New Hot Treats Available at Elwood Cinemas!

At Elwood Cinemas, we always try to make your theater-going experience more pleasurable, and that includes expanding the range of snacks we have available at our concession stand.

Loyal customers asked for some hot food items to make their visit more enjoyable, and we are happy to introduce two tasty new hot food options.

All-natural Sabrett’s Hot Dog Wraps will be available for $3.50 and are individually wrapped to maintain purity.  They are uncured and contain no nitrates or fillers, and they are heated up especially for you when you order one.  Individual ketchup and mustard packets are also available so you can fix your dog, your way.

Hot and savory El Grande Nachos are also available for $4.50. These are also individually wrapped for purity, and you get to choose whether you dip the chips or pour the cheese right on.

We are also currently offering some specials that include our new Hot Dog Wraps!

Kids’ Wrap Meal:  Hot Dog Wrap with 12 oz. Drink–$4.50.

Add a Hot Dog Wrap to our Super Combo for an additional $2.00.

Extra hot cheese sauce for Hot Dog dipping or Nachos–$1.50.

Also ask about testing our new soft pretzel options!

We will continue to look for awesome snacks to satisfy every customer, and we are happy to have these quality products to add to our wide variety of concessions. Please check our Special Deals page for awesome combo options.

We hope to see you at the movies really soon!


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