Elwood Cinemas Movie Maniac Review: Robocop!


Our resident Movie Maniac Joe Mazzola has another great review for all our loyal Elwood Cinemas customers! Please check it out!

When Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnamon) is gravely wounded in the line of duty, the ambitious global security corporation Omnicorp sees an opportunity to bring their enterprise to American soil by creating the epitome of domestic law enforcement, RoboCop.

This latest addition in a series of Hollywood reboots turns out to be an exceptionally entertaining popcorn flick. With an excellent supporting cast including the likes of Michael Keaton, Samuel Jackson, and the ever-charismatic Gary Oldman, the new RoboCop doesn’t solely rely on flashy action sequences to immerse audiences into an exciting plot. While Director Jose Padilha deviates from the over-the-top brutality of the iconic 80s film in this modern adaptation, he sticks close to the original story and maintains a satirical theme on the issues of Drone technology, military industrialization, and the foreboding sense of a police state. Although the robots that Omnicorp implement boast impressive results in maintaining security, witnessing the collateral damage and loss of basic humanity asks the viewer once more if the ends justify the means.

What impressed me about this PG-13 adaptation was that while it lacked the demeanor of a dark comedy the original possessed, two hours seemed to fly by as the story maintains a good pace between character development, showing off futuristic science and technology, and its action sequences. If you’re looking for a thriller this February with a strong sense of justice, then dead or alive, you’re coming to Elwood Cinemas to see RoboCop.

3/4 Stars

About the Author:  Joe is an avid yet amateur film critic. Having been with the company for several years, he spent his college career away each semester at the University at Albany, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree. His passion for the film industry and the perpetually growing movie culture led him to gravitate back home during the time off and continually work for the independent and communally driven Elwood Cinemas, a staple of his hometown. Approaching each film with an unbiased perspective, most of Joe’s analysis is derived in accordance with what the movie strives to achieve.

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